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  • My First Blog Post Week 1.

    26. Sep 2019 by

    Aloha this is my first Blog and this only a start.it will continue next week.i have just got my “The Greatest Salesman In The World” now and i have just now figured out haw to Blog, that means that its week 2 now!

  • “Press Reelise”

    11. Nov 2019 by

    After 2 amazing years, on the journey of my life, along with good friends and partners, as well as my lovely and always understanding family. Now my amazing wife and I sit on a small taverna, with the view out over the blue Mediterranean Sea, where we enjoy a sangria served with a small umbrella… Read more

  • Week 3 and 4

    30. Oct 2019 by

    I was real faiting with the language, reading Hanells “wisdom” in the start!but now i have learned the mening of the most of thi words and it is going much better. I do my write on index card, (home made) 3*5 in. with colour and (lines on the frontside). My sitting still is going better… Read more

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